Welcome To Avernakoe Country Hotel

My name is Gitte and I have since 2009 been managing Avernakoe Landhotel in the islands disbanded school. I can provide 30 beds, a restaurant and a farm shop.

I have chosen to name my controversial place for a ” Country Hotel”, because i provide my guests with tided up beds, towels and such in their rooms. Yet, shared bathrooms. We also provide an option for food and beverages to be provided by the hotel restaurant from 7am.-9pm. Our guest can look forward to a homey and cozy ambience with plenty of good times and delightful homemade food. We are glad to provide knowledge considering the island, things to see, way of life on a small island as ours and are also happy to assist in the planning in your bike trip or walk about on the island.

The calm and peaceful ambience invites you to embrace mindfulness, soul-searching and pursue a sudden peace of mind. For those who seek these things, we are well suited for that purpose as well.

The hotel park is free to use with the possibility of having your food served in the park, surrounded by peace and our lovely various animals in our park. We got alpacas, goats, rabbits and different birds in the park. We even got a bonfire cabin, if you wish to prepare some bread or a pancake by the fire or simply enjoy a lovely evening out under the stars. Our park is very versatile, with a lake, areas for enjoying the sun or seeking shadows and so on.

Welcome to Avernakø Landhotel. If you wish to make a reservation or make an inquiry, please contact us by email: kontakt@avernakoelandhotel.dk or by phone +45 2257 8658.

GitteOwner - Avernakø Landhotel