Kitchen and concept

We run a Nordic and sustainable kitchen with local raw ingredients in focus. Besides a large and prosperous kitchen garden, we also breed our own rabbits and we use all the berries, fruits, herbs and plants we can get our hands on from the islands soil itself. Avernakø also breeds some terrific lamb meat and Galloway beef.

We mainly cook classic Danish dishes accustomed to the meat, plants and berries of the season. A variety of the islands ingredients can also be purchased in our farm shop by the hotel, in a processed form or in some sort of food product.

We are open all year around, we serve few, but very well-thought-out dishes and naturally a homemade cake of the day.

We carry a wide selection of homemade lemonade drinks from our islands fruits and berries. Mainly from our own gardens. Special beer from a microbrewery, Ø-bryg from Thurø (a nearby island) and wines from European contries chosen in collaboration with a wine expert (Vin med Kant). We also serve cocktails, drinks and long-drinks, including the classics as mojito, Irish coffee, gin & tonic, rum & coke etc.

Pleaes see the current menu below (click to enlarge).