faq – frequently asked questions

Q: Where is Avernakø?

A: Avernakø is a small island located in the archipelago just south of Funen. Avernakø is around 6 kilometers south of Faaborg.

Q: How many people live on Avernakø?

A: When writing this 112 people are living on Avernakø.

Q: How do you reach Avernakø?

A: By ferry from Faaborg. You can book your ferry ticket by clicking here.

Q: Can you bring your car to Avernakø?

A: Yes. The island is around 8 kilometeres long so it is quite a walk from one end to the other. If you have problems walking or biking or you have come to fish the shores of Avernakø it will be quite the advantage to bring a car – just remember to book a ticket for the ferry.

Q: Where is Avernakø Landhotel located?

A: Avernakø Landhotel is around 1,3 kilometers from the ferry doc. It is quite easy to reach both by foot, by bike or by car.

Q: Do I have to bring my own linnen and towels to Avernakø Landhotel?

A: No. We provide fresh towels and linnen for all our guests.

Q: Can I eat any meals at Avernakø Landhotel?

A: Yes. We serve both breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the winter months a table reservation is necessary though. You can book a table by phone or by email.

Q: Do Avernakø Landhotel serve vegetarian and vegan dishes?

A: Yes. We always have at least one vegetarian and one vegan dish for dinner.

Q: Is it true that the bathrooms are shared?

A: Yes. We have 3 bathrooms in addition to our 9 hotel rooms.

Q: Can I have my luggage brought from the ferry to Avernakø Landhotel?

A: Yes. If you do not bring your own car we can arrange to pick up your luggage from the ferry. The price varies depending on how much luggage you brought. Please not that luggage service always have to be pre ordered.

Q: Can I rent a bike?

A: Yes. Bikes can be rented at the ferry harbour, Avernakø Landhotel and Korshavn Bro. The price is DKK 50 per bike per day.