About the Farm Shop

It all began back in 2006 with the upraising of goat breeding and a farm shop. In the farm shop, we had a specific focus on the goat. The meat. Horn jewelry and products made from the horn. Also, a great passion for goat fur products. We are in a constant process and development and due to this, we have now stopped our own breeding of goats. Yet, we still sell goat meat in collaboration with the organic goatmeat from Groennemosegaard. Naturally we still sell a large variety of goat themed products. Yet, by this change of pace, we now lay our focus upon the kind of products listed beneath:

  • Goatmeat, salami and sausages from Groennemosegaard.
  • Herb salt made with Mediterranean Sea salt and herbs from the island.
  • Marmalade, jelly and other jam products of the island’s fruits and berries.
  • Homemade ice cream in several varieties.
  • Homemade lemonade depending of the season fx elderflower cordial or rhubarb cordial.
  • Horn products in many shapes, fx. Jewelry, spoons, buttons and so on.
  • Hand-spun and plant-colored yarn of mohair, alpaca, angora and sheep.
  • Glass, ceramics and other handicrafts.

Sustainability is a keyword for us,

Sustainability is paramount here with us, as utilizing everything from slaughter animals and the island’s fruits, berries and herbs and making it local has become my trademark and my pride. This plays a major role in our productions and visions. The assortment in the farm shop is therefore seasonal.